Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well, well, well .. Here we go again.

Hmm has something changed since last time? One thing for sure - Viggo disappeared. He went back to his owners. Damn flat is a lil'bit empty because of that. Could be cool to have a pet now.

Finding the job? It's worse than bad. Really annoying. It also influences on my mood and causes frustration. I had a meeting today about delivering newspapers. Sounds ok, but when I got there to talk with the boss my dreams boutt this job disappeared faster than I expected.
1. Only 4 hours per day - neutral (cool that it's not so much time-consuming, but from other hand I'm not gonna earn too much coz of that)
2. They want me to have my own scooter - totally fucked up (coz I don't have money to spend on that)
3. I need to have documents, such as: registration proof, residential stuff from PL (it's boutt the taxes and having them on lower level), tax card from SKAT, etc... - negative (no idea how to get residential paper, waiting for registration proof from hmm, exactly - from where?)
4. Working during weekends as well - definitely negative (should I really explain why?)

But actually the guy who was interviewing me was quite nice and polite - he said that my accent is not like from the East of Europe. Lol. He also asked if I lived in other parts of the world. That was quite nice to hear.

Perspectives? Looking intensively for the job in internet. Trying to call everywhere where it is possible. Trying and trying. I'm not gonna give up.

Oh btw - lastly appeared a lot of movie clips in internet about iPhones - one with taking shoots by iPhone, other one with making music clip. Damn, I love them all. And I'm fucking dreaming boutt the iP4. Sooooo I'm looking even more intensively for some jobs.

Tomorrow Bording. First time with my love in shop. I promissed to make a website. We will see if I manage.

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