Saturday, July 3, 2010

On my way to DK

Crazy trip.

I caught the minibus at 14 and then I found out that I am the only one person inside. Driver was really nice and TALKATIVE person so we were talking boutt everything for somethig like hour and a half. I found out that except me there will be 3 persons more. I thought - good, coz it's more cozy and safe.

First stop - we took some kido. I started talking with him and I found out that he is not going to Aarhus as driver told me! He is going to Aars (which is located near the Aalborg - atthe northern part of Jutland). Yeah - subtle mistake, only 150 km of difference.
I also found out that kido is nearly 17teen and he lives alone in Warsaw (I mean with some friend that he is renting the apartment), coz his parents live and work in dk for more than 3 years and his sister is working and studying in London and he is there every weekend. Nice... I asked him why he didn't go to dk by plane then, so he answered that he had to take a lot of things and that was impossible by plane. Pretty understanable.
I also found out that he is a Polish master of Teakwondo for 4 years as a senior junior or something like that. And now he is preparing himself to start in international competition. Nice job kido. He was on his way to meet with parents - first time in dk.

After that I had a talk with driver boutt politics, religion, gps navigations, mobile phones and Denmark. He's quite smart, though.

After that we drove for more than 3 hours to get these people who are going to Copenhagen. They live on some countryside near the Poznan. So I was like: WTF?! We're gonna waste so much time! Perfect.
The guy was quite good looking and smart as well, but his girlfriend sooo ugly and stupid. It was almost amazing!
She was asking driver some stupid questions... Horrible. Good that after long break in PL they all felt asleep. They were on their way to dk for the first time as well. To work ofc. I felt like pro traveler because of spending in dk already one year hehe.

Driver scored additional points for being cool because he had new BlackBerry.

I read something like 100 pages nearly of Anna's Book "PL-Boy". Fuck it's so great! I was reading and reading and I didn't wanna stop but then darkness just came unexpectedly so fast, so I decided to write this post.

Dammit - it's quite annoying when someone (driver) is smoking in the car even though that I told that I'm not ok with that... Well - I'm not gonna make any scenes coz I don't wanna have a stop in the middle of Germany with my huge bags.

Actually that's the first time when I feel a bit sleepy during whole trip - but hey! I put some simpsons to my iPhone before depart so it's time to eat something, drink Lipton Green Ice Tea and just enjoy the show. Another thing is that I'm gonna fight my closing eyes during that.

Funny... When I was in PL I was thinking all the time boutt dk. Now when I'm on my way there I think about pl. I feel that I could do some things in different way when I was there...

Anyway - I just crossed th border with DK and I'm still alive! Hehe

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  1. I live in U.S.A. but I don't know what DK is, or PL. Is it Denmark and Poland? That is what I think. I love your Blogging. I will keep coming back.