Thursday, July 1, 2010


PPP - Preparing/Packing/Planing (or maybe last one should be replaced with Panic)

Hmm tomorrow depart from Katowice. About 2-3 pm.
From one hand it is kind of exciting thing, but from other - I hate it and I always have a feeling that I forgot boutt something.
I hope I'll have only 2 big bags, backpack and computer-bag. Hmm yeah - such an optimist.

I found yesterday the best possible option to transport from point A (Katowice) to point B (Århus) - by minibus. I've heard some stories boutt the weird people who are traveling like that and actually I'm quite concerned. The worst vision is that I'm gonna spend there about 14-15 hours what is not imaginable for me right now. What the hell I'm gonna do there? Well let me guess - iPhone stands by 7 hours - so probably I'll watch some movie and write the post for this blog and after that reading the newspapers. But what after that? Starring at people? Yeah - it's cool for not more than 30 mins.. Maybe even 10.
Maybe I should find some book? Yeah, why not! Maybe because I left everything cool in dk!?! Dammit. Anyone has something?

I think I'll also manage to plan my life in every detail, because being off-line for so long can cause, that my mental activity will turn on.

I hope that my travel sickness won't come back because of sitting in this small bus! Coz I always have had a problem with that. Just in case I'll take some drugs.

When you're traveling in minibus like this and there are weird people that you don't really know and you have some money hidden inside of the wallet - it's quite risky to just fall asleep. So probably I will not do that. Perfect.

Other thing is that I have never traveled in this way. Always by my own car, but this time it's just simply not possible, so that's the only way.

Well - my dream was to find some person who is going there by normal car - thanks to that I would be there quite fast... But of course I'm so lucky that exactly this time the person who wanted go there had an accident with car and he had to find out how to get there by himself. And no more other offers from the region of PL where I live.

I will come back to packing part later, coz I finaly have to move my lazy ass from the couch and do something productive!

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