Monday, March 14, 2011

Movies? Series?

Lastly almost all the evenings we are spending on watching movies and TV series. Even though, that I decided to start reading book before bed, which appeared to be impossible. Each time that everything in TV is finished my eyes are shutting themselves and I cannot do anything to open 'em.

But anyways - it's not my point. The thing is that I realized yesterday, that I really hate 'history' movies. In the middle of King's Speech, I seriously thought that I'm gonna die from boredom.... Yesterday, however, I really tried! Really tried! to stay awake on The Notebook! But .. well ... I failed. Instead of that I decided to continue watching possible episodes of ... Desperate Housewives. Damn, getting addicted again.

Does anyone have any good recommendation what to watch? I'm afraid I'm gettin' to close to the last episode of aforementioned TV series ...


  1. oh shut it! history movies are interesting.
    e.g. The Tudors. it's marvelous piece of art, breathtaking costumes and art direction, quite impressive theatrical art.
    (and Henry Cavill is hot but shh...;)

  2. yadda yadda yadda - it's all boring! they don't even have any gadgets ;)