Sunday, July 10, 2011

Desire for ChaCha?

Well - if you thought that I will confess that I have a secret desire for learning ChaCha dance, you are gonna be really dissapointed.
Yesterday's circumstances have had influence on the today's post. The funny thing is that I was considering swapping HTC Desire HD for HTC ChaCha. But then I went to phone operators to check out and play a bit with the QWERTY candy-bar HTC's facebook phone and I got dissapointed, so I decided to stay with my lovely Desire HD.

However, yesterday I got robbed by two perker (hmm and now translation to English, for some of you not familiar with the description ... it would be like people from the middle-east, like Iraq, Iran, Turkey, etc.) who threatened me with knife, so I couldn't do much, except giving them my phone and wallet. At least I managed to negotiate giving me back my driving licence and sim-card from the phone. After confessing everything at the police station and being incredibly angry for couple of hours, I decided to get some cheap phone at my operator. One of the possible choices was Xperia x10 mini pro, but it has really shitty and out-dated version of Android and it is just old. But there was also a little bit more expensive ... HTC ChaCha... So without thinking much I got this phone. I thought eventually - "Well, I was considering it for some time and it stuck in my mind, so... maybe it's meant to be mine?".

Anyways - I guess I could make a review of this phone here, but I'm not really sure if there is anyone interested in that, so maybe I will just make a short resume after week or two of using it.

Some more posts are coming soon. Just needed to figure out couple of things in my private life, so there will be hopefully more time for posting soon.

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