Saturday, July 24, 2010


That's why I'm not writing too often.

Right now I'm tryin' to focus myself and figure it out - if something unusual happened lastly.. Week ago trip to Hjarnø (small island near the Horsens). I'll upload some pics and short review soon, but right now I'm, honestly, too lazy and tired to do that. Oh, I also was on Green Concert, where played almost all the biggest Danish bands and I observed many typical (strange) Danish behaves there.

Ofc as almost every month I had an angina and I had to take penicillin once again, which annoyed me big time. I have to make an appointment when the specialist from the throat stuff will be back from holiday (it is 9th of August). I hope for getting rid off my tonsils asap. It's killing me.

Why monotony? Because I'm 'sort of working' in a warehouse during week (sometime even weekend') - days and during free time I'm looking for permanent, normal job and I'm still creating this website. I need some text, pictures and then host to be able to see it in internet. Simple website, but there is always something that doesn't fit, so I'm working and working on that.

During my 'spare' time I'm tryin' to watch all the series. Especially Pretty Little Liars and my lovely Persons Unknown. But lastly also: Covert Affairs and Huge (both quite good though).  5mins ago I found out that except Dexter and Weeds, HBO made some other cool series (as I heard) and I think I'll see it today. 'Nurse Jackie' - sounds nice.

Damn, I would like to change something in my life. It's summertime! I'm not spending it in any lazy way! At least I would like to have a new gadget! But .. finances! argh! It's sooo damn annoying! I have to find something to do to easily earn some cash and buy something! I already got rid off my amazing camera and sweet car. Two favorite toys.. Any ideas?

I'm also getting more and more depressed because of listening how great life has almost every single one of my friends! YES! I'm jealous! Hehe. No.. Seriously - I'm just realizing that temporary I'm not making any progress - I'm just stopping in one place. I want to change something. I want to feel satisfaction. Maybe I'm also watching too often MTV when I have TV turned on. Hmm.

Anyway - I'll write more when something will happen. Something extra ordinary! Yeah... sure.

Oh - and yes - I remember that I have to put one note more about this concert and island. I have to put it right away to my google calendar (I'm soooo addicted).

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