Monday, February 21, 2011


So I started an internship. Of course - improvised already at the meeting with headmaster, which wasn't even informed that I'm coming today. Awesome.
My direct 'boss' - Megan, is sick, so I have to report everything during this week directly to the headmaster - Thomas. Our meeting in the morning was quite fine and he was happy that I'm going to do all of the things that I mentioned before, but he was really surprised when I told him what we decided to do with Megan about the school's website. Hmm surprise, surprise - I thought that they talked about it. Weird.

I got so creative that I created quite cool mind map, what am I gonna do here. And honestly, I didn't even think that I can put so many different point there, hehe. It's gonna be a busy week, I see. But first I have to see how everything here, in school, works. And see all the places, find out about organizational structure and stuff like that.

Damn, cannot wait to see The National on Saturday.

Oki, doki - so I'm going back to work, coz I don't wanna be called 'lazy ass' from the beginning.

Some pictures from my small office later.

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