Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Activity: Swimming pool

Well - probably your first thought was, that it's me who's gonna swim. If you thought so - have to disappoint you, sadly. And maybe surprise. Tomorrow Mini is going to be a swimmer. How come? Because one of friends of mine found in newspaper info about new opened place, where is a swimming pool for dogs. Because it's something new, owners decided to promote the place and give some free tours for first ones who are interested in that. That's why we took a look lastly at this place and booked a date, which seems to be tomorrow. I've also heard that they offer some massage for dogs. Isn't it to good?!Looking so much forward to see if big puppy can swim. Hope he's not gonna drawn.
Anyway - more infos and photos soon! Keep your fingers for him tomorrow, hehe.


Doggy survived, even though that he was quite afraid. He looked so sweet when he was wet!

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And this happiness after swimming! Priceless.

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