Thursday, March 24, 2011

Music: Alex Turner

While I'm unemployed and the only productive thing that I can do during the day is sending applications, I rediscovered my old hobby, which is collecting, listening and reviewing music. Well - in this case, I'd like to start with something that I loved from the very first listening.

Alex Turner - "Submarine"

Bright eyed, with a look halfway between penitence and innocence,Submarine star Craig Roberts stares back at you from the cover of Alex Turner's soundtrack to the buzzy indie comedy.

Submarine collects five and a half new Turner songs. They all are minimalistic, mid-tempo ballads, which are surprisingly catchy. Honestly, I was so surprised after listening all of it for the first time. I expected typical Arctic Monkeys' style. And? I got disappointed. But it doesn't mean that I don't like the album! No, no, no! It's pretty amazing, to be honest! Easy listening, perfect for every afternoon. Highly recommended. Please check out the video below.


Genre: britpop

Favourite tracks: all of them... but especially Stuck on the Puzzle

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