Tuesday, March 29, 2011

YouTube clips (week 13th)

Lastly I've found quite a lot interesting things on YouTube, but one clip is killing me every time when I'm watching it. The funny thing is that I had no idea that it is Danish production, until I noticed some Danish flags in the background... You have to check this out! Really!


Another thing that focused my attention was the clip below. Especially the moment when they are throwing him the line and shouting: "Wait!". Fuck! I would kill each one of them after the jump.


Some time ago I found new song by Fever Ray (love them big time) to the movie Red Ridding Hood. Song was quite creepy and mysterious, so I decided to take a look on the movie clip, just to see what kind of Red Ridding Hood will it be. And? I'm partly disappointed, because I'm afraid that it's gonna be something like Twilight (there is even the same director) ... But I would like to see this production anyway. Maybe there will be more than one song by Fever Ray. Meanwhile - check the trailer.


I was also quite surprised after I watched short document about Google... Damn, I'd kill to work there.

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